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02 Jun 2014 Happy Birthday!

Today is quite the exciting day for Payton! A fun day at school with friends followed by time with family and a whole lot of celebration as today is his birthday! Happy Birthday Payton! I hope you have an awesome day today taking part in all of the birthday traditions your family celebrates with. Enjoy your cake, presents, and I hope that today is everything you hoped it would be for your birthday and more! Happy Birthday!

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26 Mar 2014 Gymboree

Payton had a blast at his holiday shoot for Gymboree last year, the images came out fabulously and he was seen on the company website and Facebook page throughout the season. A video has recently surfaced from the shoot which showcases the day on set and Payton can be seen twice! He and his friend sure were having a great time trying to eat popcorn on a string, and he can also be spotted running around the table with his friends. It's a great behind the scenes look at the shoot, and make sure to view the video in the media section!

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10 Jan 2014 Gymboree

Gymboree is the gift that keeps on giving! Payton did several shoots for the company last year and appeared in campaigns each season. Right up until the holidays images were popping up on their website, Facebook page and more as the company got ready for the holiday rush, and we were treated to three new shots! One was Payton holding a plate while he and his friend did the dishes, and then it was all fun and games with snowball fights and Christmas presents! Thank-you Gymboree for all of the wonderful shoots throughout 2013, Payton loves working for you!

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